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Teenage Millionaire Buys A Gold Bentley At 18

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This is the gossip story about billionaire Robert Mfune. Southampton whiz kid Robert Mfune, which binary options trading platform between shifts at McDonald's began at the age of 17 years, and now drives a gold-slathered Bentley. This is the kind of story that would urge anyone to search for high-quality intensive course on the subject of binary options.

When Robert Mfune, from Southampton turned 16, he started working two part-time jobs – shifting at McDonald’s and running errands and fetching tea for binary traders at a finance firm – all while still attending college.

However, after picking up the tricks of the trade, he decided to start dabbling in binary trading himself – while keeping his job at the golden arches.

Astonishingly, by the time he passed his A Levels with grades AAB, Robert was already a Bentley owning millionaire.
Robert said: “When I was a tea boy I got to learn a few things as I was always with well-informed people, from the things I learnt I went home and did my own research.