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China's 2nd-largest Hydro power Station

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This is the new Gossip Story about China's Jinsha River Xiluodu Hydro power Station, It is the second largest in the china. Last year, This power station has received global recognition after the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC) awarded the station as a FIDIC Outstanding Project of the Year. 

The station straddles between Yongshan County of Yunnan Province and Leibo County of Sichuan Province in southwest China was the only hydroelectric project among the 21 award-winners of the year 2016. 
Liao Jianxin was an engineering director with the project's contractor, China Three Gorges Corporation, said the intelligent management system of the dam won the approval of the judging team. 

"The digital dam, in a nutshell, consists of the thermometer, strain gauge and other detecting equipment in the concrete of the dam. The whole construction process was monitored by these equipment, which gives a real-time account of the stress state and condition of the dam for the convenience of adjustment," said Liao. 

One of the strengths of the smart system is that it helps prevent thermal cracking, a common thermal effect on concrete, in the dam. 

"The 6.8 million cubic meters of concrete in the dam has no thermal cracking. As far as we know, no other dam in the world can avoid such cracking," said Liao. 

Built in the spirit of sustainable development, the station makes maximum use of the mountains on both sides of the river to house its workshops, underground power stations and transportation tunnels. 

A massive hydraulic generator set highlights the superior coordination of various different sectors of the station, said director Ran Yichuan, who demonstrated the smooth operational quality of the generator by balancing a coin upright on the ground. 

"Rotating part of the generator set of hydraulic them weighing more than 2,000 tons can be demonstrated stability of this heavy patrol unit in this experiment. As you can see, a small coin, just five meters just above the rotating part, and it stands perfectly still, so the generators, hydraulic group is installed very well. The terms are more professional, said Ran part vibration and throw and wonderful."