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Unusual Ancient Medicine Used In ancient times

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In this video you will learn what are the Unusual Ancient Medicine Used In ancient times. The medicine of the ancient Egyptians is some of the oldest documented. Watch This video and learn. 6 - Cosmetics Both sexes from this ancient culture wore makeup, back then cosmetics were used for medical reasons as well as for vanity. Many wore eye makeup around their eyes to help protect from disease. The lead based makeup had antibacterial properties which helped prevent infections by killing bacteria. Magic and science were firmly tied together and it showed in their cosmetics which were often made by priests who would speak incantations and prayers as they mixed the oils and herbs to create the makeup. 5 - Egyptian Inbreeding In 2008 Egypt launched an investigation to determine the source of two mummified fetuses found in the tomb of King Tut in 1922, these remains were thought to be children of the Pharaoh who were born dead. DNA tests have concluded that these fetuses are the stillborn daughters of King Tut. Further testing has indicated that one of the girls may have had several disorders, including Marfan Syndrome, which would have left her deformed had she survived the journey inside her mother's womb. This evidence has led to the belief that King Tut's wife was actually his half-sister. New evidence also suggests that King Tut’s parents were brother and sister as well. Could inbreeding have played an important role in the fall of the Egyptian empire? 4 - Egyptian Cancer Patients Cancer has always been thought of as a strictly modern disease, however, several mummies from ancient Egypt have been discovered which show the tell-tale signs of the debilitating illness. Perhaps the ancient world and our current world are not so different after all. In 2015, a Spanish university found a mummy which showed significant signs of deterioration from breast cancer. This 4,200-year-old mummy is the oldest victim of breast cancer in history. Another mummy suffering from consistent cancer lesions was unearthed as well, this one dates back 3,000 years. And in 2011, a 2,250-year-old male mummy known as M1 was found with the oldest case of prostate cancer. Researchers are now suggesting the reason cancer wasn't found in mummies of the past is simply a matter of available technology. Possible causes for cancer in ancient times range from bitumen used for building boats and smoke from wood-burning chimneys. 3 - Ancient Antibiotics The earliest signs of antibiotic use have been discovered hidden inside the bones excavated in modern day Sudan. These ancient bones were found to contain tetracycline which is still used in modern day antibiotics. Even the skull of a 4-year-old was found pumped full of tetracycline suggesting that they were giving the child high doses of the drug to try and cure him of illness. The most popular explanation suggests that yeasts producing tetracycline may have been an ingredient of ancient Nubian alcoholic beverages, it is well documented that ancient Egyptians and Jordanians used beer to treat gum disease and other ailments. 2 - Woman Doctors Women are still fighting for their civil rights in this Modern era, in America we're still striving for equal wages. American women have only had the right to vote since 1920. In other parts of the world, women continue to battle for basic human rights and equality. Which makes Ancient Egypt way ahead of its time. In ancient Egypt, women were offered the same economic, legal and social positions as men, as evidenced by some of the world's oldest known doctors. Merit Ptah, the first female doctor known by name lived around 2,700 BC, the hieroglyphs on her tomb describe her as Chief Physician. Some 200 years later another doctor, Peseshet, was immortalised on a monument in the tomb of her son, a high priest, which recognised her as the Lady Overseer of Lady Physicians. Suggesting female doctors were the norm in this Ancient socially equal society. 1 - Natural Remedies Herbs were a common form of medical treatment in Ancient Egypt and some of these natural remedies are still relevant and utilised today. Here's a list of a few medical problems and the herbs used to help fight them found in ancient Egyptian writings. Asthma: honey and milk, sesame, and frankincense. Headaches: poppy seeds and aloe. Burns and skin diseases: aloe. Pain relief: thyme. Digestive problems: juniper, mint, garlic and sandalwood. Breath freshener: caraway and mint. Chest pains: mustard seeds, aloe and juniper. Dressing a wound: honey, which is a natural antibiotic. Epilepsy: camphor. Laxatives: onions, parsley, balsam apple and dill. I saved the best for last, Vomiting: mint to stop it, mustard seeds to induce it.