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Top Foot Stumping in Cricket History

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In this video you can see Top Foot Stumping in Cricket History. This looks Like the cricketer who show some football skills in cricket ground. Checkout this video. 1. Straight forward run out miss by Zimbabwe player Hamilton. Instead of throwing ball to the kipper he himself tried to out run the Afghanistan Player. What A SHAME! 2. Sachin Tendulkar and Anil Kumple had a terrible mixed up and ran for the same side to save a runout. But shri Lanka made the mess out of it. What a simple Run Out Miss 3.Watson and Clark made a huge funny mistake. Keeper throws the ball above Watson to run out Tharanga but too high for Watson. Watson gave up but picked up by Clark and throws the ball straight to stump. But what a Big Run Out Miss.. Watson in the way to ball and stump. FUNNIEST RUN OUT MISS THAT IS. 4.New Zealand Player made the mess out of a simple RUN OUT and miss the stump completely from a foot distance. He could have simple taken one more step to dislodge the bales from his hands (with a ball of course). Funniest run out miss this is. 5.This run out miss is funny as well as controversial. Bret lee was after the ball when he collided with England Player who was trying to save a ball hitting the stump. they collided and batsman survived.